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Sarens Design and Contracting Inc. is a Manitoba company that was created to meet the growing need for premium restored and new built homes in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. The company initially focused on restorations but has now expanded into new builds and high-quality custom home builds.


The Sarens approach combines high end design and planning with superior craftsmanship to deliver the highest quality designs, new builds and remodels. Sarens prioritizes quality over quantity and focuses on detail, design and workmanship. At Sarens, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction and quality and craftsmanship are our top priorities.  



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J a r r o d   S a r e n s 



Born in Calgary, raised in Winnipeg, MB where Jarrod was surrounded by construction. At an early age of nine Jarrod worked with his father in his residential renovation business, which brought the hands on experience and knowledge that are critical for the successful execution of construction projects.

Jarrod is a strong operations professional with a Bachelor of honours in Construction Management from Red River College where he received his first award in the Construction Institute of Canada's National Bid Competition. He was then employed with industry leading builders in Canada enhancing his knowledge and expertise in business and construction management

With his ability to provide impeccable estimates, scheduling and budgeting, Jarrod is able to deliver elevated expertise while prioritizing quality over quantity.


T a y l o r   S A R E N S


Born and raised in Winnipeg, MB Taylor found her passion for design at a very young age. It started with rearranging rooms in the house she lived in with her mom, to becoming invested in the way spaces looked and the way they made her feel.


In 2017 Taylor and her husband Jarrod, bought their first home and slowly renovated it. Soon after they had family and friends loving what they were doing so Taylor decided to go back to school and study Interior Design.

After graduating with honours and working with established companies to enhance her skills she decided it was time to combine her and her husband's passions together, with expansion in mind.  Taylor has a creative mindset and is the force behind Sarens Design firm.

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